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Erica’s clients are drawn to her undeniable, contagious life force.  Through her proven Bounce Back Mindset Success formula, she empowers her community to rise in the face of adversity, to bounce back and to live their most vibrant lives today, no matter the hardships of the day! 





Dr. Erica J. Harris, Founder of Rise Today!

Erica has defied every one of the odds stacked against her success, her survival and her happiness and she is here to empower YOU to do the very same!  


She is dedicated to supporting YOU through dark days. Erica passionately serves to inspire and empower you to use your adversities to bounce back higher than ever before!

Erica has been honoured to serve both men and women of all ages, as well as teens. Please see the testimonials below!  Erica can’t wait to hear your story and help you build your tools of resilience to live your best life through it all!

Through principles of positive psychology, Erica will fill your resilience tool box with science proven resilience and happiness habits to help you overcome adversity and rise with the gift of today.

Just hear what her clients have to say about their success stories!  

Bounce Back Mindset Success Formula
1:1 | Group | Corporate Programs

Recognized as one of the Top 20 Coaches Life Coaches to look out for in 2022!

I am truly humbled and honoured!

I am here to serve and to pay forward the many gifts I’ve been given.

This recognition is very meaningful.

Last year I even was nominated to receive an International Peace Award- wow, just wow! 

In 2017, I was recognized by Canadian Blood Services as the National Recipient of the Year!

This all really does show that no matter how hard we fall, and no matter how many set backs we may have, we all truly can achieve success!
Dreams do come true!



"Erica is genuine, caring, honest and motivating! Her purpose-driven 'Bounce Back Coaching Sessions' are truly unique and will create clarity and precision to help reenergize you and your business! I needed a re-set and re focus for my business. Erica provided me with very specific industry marketing ideas and helped tweak my mindset. I am back on track with a determined direction and focus! You can be too!" — Ian Dunsmuir


"I reached out to Erica when it felt like my whole world was crashing down. Every-time I turned around I was faced with a new obstacle. I wanted to give up.  Then I remembered my good friend Erica who has travelled a similar path. She was always so positive and real, that’s what drew me towards her.  Erica began working with me to equip me with tools and strategies to help me navigate through my health prognosis.  She taught me strategies on how to be prepared if things go array. She taught me to a build a Vision board and I use it everyday as a constant reminder of what I’m fighting so hard for and various other tips and tools.  I will be forever grateful for her friendship and all the tools she’s given me to navigate this crazy life."


"Several months ago, as a single mom of two special needs boys, I was feeling very down and overwhelmed with my life when I reached out to my childhood friend Erica. I have always admired her positive outlook on life and the courage that she calls on within herself to tackle any challenge that comes her way. Erica and I immediately dove in, tackling difficult questions about childhood, discussing coping mechanisms, and how to effectively process feelings both past and present. She helped me to identify the major stumbling blocks in my life, and guided me through the steps necessary to have a more positive, proactive outlook. Erica helped me to build a toolbox of numerous invaluable strategies and approaches to remain calm in the face of adversity, finding more positive and constructive ways to get the most out of life. This has allowed me to understand myself better in the process, getting down to the root of problems and finding effective and longstanding solutions. I now have the confidence that I can effectively navigate through the adversities in my life, allowing me to feel better prepared for and finding more enjoyment in all the precious life moments. Erica is an amazingly insightful life coach and I cannot thank her enough for the gifts that she has given me."


  I was a happy, spirited, motivated, carefree 13 year old, until I was given a life changing diagnosis. I had kidney cancer. I was later diagnosed with a genetic kidney cancer disorder and I had my kidney removed. After going through all I went through, I had anxiety, and I wasn't spirited, carefree or motivated like I had been.  Dr. Erica Harris’ coaching program at Rise Today changed that for me. Something clicked in what she taught me and I became that happy, spirited, and carefree girl I had been. I am motivated and I feel I have a purpose again. This program will help you if you are a survivor of hardship. Thank you Erica for helping me find myself again.


Meghan Hubner - Help aspiring entrepreneurs get out of their own way

At the age of 35 Meghan underwent urgent open heart surgery for a genetic condition she was previously unaware of. Rather than live in the fear of this condition she has chosen to use her gift to encourage others to release fear and express themselves in ways they never imagined possible.

Serena Klaver - Young wife opens up on grief and role of a caregiver

Serena is committed to living life to the fullest in honour of her late husband, Mat, and she is here to help you to do the same! Serena is well versed in serving the role of a caregiver and she is here to support you through it all! Her kind and empathic nature excels at nurturing and supporting caregivers and she she shares best strategies related to self care, resilience, loss, trauma and grief.

Natasha Medlar - Domestic violence advocate

A Domestic Violence & Social Change Advocate who currently resides between Perth, Western Australia, and New York. Being a Victim of Domestic Violence and Rape she raised her voice to share her story with the world. Natasha’s aim is to create social change and educate people in hopes of a better tomorrow. To date Natasha has assisted 10 women out of Domestic Abuse relationships; 5 women in the USA, 3 women in Australia, 1 female in the UK, and 1 female in Nigeria.

We are growing our team of inspirational coaches!

Do you resonate with our mission? Do you carry a bright light to share with the world? If so, we are eager to here from you!



Note: Please seek medical advice, review our disclaimer and our coaching agreement below

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