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FailFighter Podcast

Dr. Erica Harris - a TEDxSpeaker, a published author, a Cancer survivor, had a bone marrow and lung transplant and now she is a Motivational Coach! Erica Harris is a true FailFighter through and through.
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Dr. Erica Harris on resiliency in the face of struggle

Dr. Erica has long since lived a life passionate about health and wellness. She had established a very successful career in this very arena as a thriving sports chiropractor.

A Resilience Project

Dr. Erica Harris shares how Leukemia took her on a significant detour from the highway in life she had been on, and how a terminal illness propelled her on to the path she was supposed to be on.

Silver lining, Resilience & Rising Today with Dr. Erica Harris

Dr. Erica Harris talks about her incredible story of survival, overwhelming health hurdles, and her ability to always find the silver lining as she continues to navigate her health, family and life.


We had the privilege to talk to Dr. Erica Harris as she talked about challenges that she overcome.

Battling Through Adversity

A podcast to normalize hard conversations.

Release the Genie Interview

The world needs to hear more stories of hope, now more than ever before.


5 Things You Need To Heal After a Dramatic Loss Or Life Change

If you know anyone who needs a little extra support in healing after facing a substantial life change or challenge, please do share the article to serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Dr. Erica Harris

Captivate and awe-inspire your team with actionable change insprired by a highly acclaimed, TedX Motivational Keynote speaker who shares a death-defying story of hope, positivity, and resilience

Marrow match needed for cancer-stricken mom

Supporters of a North Vancouver mother-of-two diagnosed with leukemia have begun the push to find a donor for the bone marrow that could save her life.

Read on to hear Erica’s story.

The #1 Gift For Mother’s Day

Guest Post by Erica Harris

Dr. Erica Harris, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS

Dr Erica Harris is the passionate founder of, serving to support, inspire and empower those navigating the hardships of adversity.

Erica’s Story

Having lived a life so passionate about health and wellness, I was blind sided when I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at the age of 35.

North Van Chiropractor diagnosed with leukemia

Dr. Erica Harris worked with many athletes on the Canadian National Field Hockey Teams from 2006 to 2010.

This plea is beyond urgent. Can you help?

A compelling letter about the plight of former Saultite Erica Harris

Erica Harris released from hospital

An Update on former Saultite Erica Harris

North Shore News

NV family puts out plea for marrow donor.

Vancouver Sun

North Vancouver cancer-survivor mom thankful to be home for Christmas


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Superhero? #HockeyGivesBlood

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

International Cancer Awareness Day

Miracle Story with Dr. Erica Harris

Dr. Erica joins Savant and Sage to share her harrowing journey, fighting a brave battle and winning against all odds - her unforgettable, inspiring story is one that will move you.

Light The Night

I walk as a Survivor!


Sunday Night Health Show

Dr. Erica Harris shares her journey of Forgiveness

Sunday Night Health Show with Maureen McGrath

Feeling down, depressed? Dr. Erica Harris is here to inspire you


Honoured to be interviewed LIVE by Business Talk Radio



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