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Erica’s talk was truly enlightening and inspiring! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!

Dr. Dana Devine PhD, FCAHS
Director, Centre for Blood Research.
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of British Columbia

Erica is extremely passionate and an exceptional coach. She guided me through my journey of deepened self discovery and self acceptance. She really helped me to in a tremendous way to rise up and become the best that I can be. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She challenged me…in a good way…and I have certainly transformed my mindset and habits. She is empathetic and understanding. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me rise from the darkness and shine my brightest light! I highly recommend Erica if you are looking for a coach!

— Hayley W.

“I was a happy, spirited, motivated, carefree 13 year old, until I was given a life changing
diagnosis. I had kidney cancer. I was later diagnosed with a genetic kidney cancer disorder and I had my kidney removed. After going through all I went through, I had anxiety, and I wasn’t spirited, carefree or motivated like I had been.
Dr. Erica Harris’ coaching program at Rise Today changed that for me. Something clicked in what she taught me and I became that happy, spirited, and carefree girl I had been. I am
motivated and I feel I have a purpose again. This
program will help you if you are a survivor of hardship.

Thank you Erica for helping me find myself again.”

— Baya


“What you are doing is so very important.. You made a huge positive impact on our lives and how we view lives and you made it possible for us to accept in a positive way what was happening to us. Thank you very much Erica Harris…”

— Jon Laskin

“I reached out to Erica when it felt like my whole world was crashing down. Every-time I turned around I was faced with a new obstacle. I wanted to give up.
Then I remembered my good friend Erica who has travelled a similar path. She was always so positive and real, that’s what drew me towards her.
Erica began working with me to equip me with tools and strategies to help me navigate through my health prognosis.
She taught me strategies on how to be prepared if things go array. She taught me to a build a Vision board and I use it everyday as a constant reminder of what I’m fighting so hard for and various other tips and tools.
I will be forever grateful for her friendship and all the tools she’s given me to navigate this crazy life.”

— Miranda Frigon

“Erica is genuine, caring, honest and motivating! Her purpose-driven ‘Bounce Back Coaching Sessions’ are truly unique and will create clarity and precision to help reenergize you and your business! I needed a re-set and re focus for my business. Erica provided me with very specific industry marketing ideas and helped tweak my mindset. I am back on track with a determined direction and focus! You can be too!”

— Ian Dunsmuir

“Throughout my life like many others, I have faced challenges and obstacles, taking them in stride and working through them as I thought best. Though difficult at times nothing seemed insurmountable and with a concerted effort, I always found my path forward. Unfortunately, all of that changed for me while facing an acrimonious divorce after 16 years of marriage with two young children. Appreciatively I met Dr. Harris who drew on her own resilience and fortitude to demonstrate that with help we can overcome even the harshest experiences. Her tools and techniques help guide my thought process and allowed me to see choices from a new perspective while grounding me in my purpose and surprisingly allowing me to see my own needs. Looking back I wonder in amazement that I’ve moved so far forward and now equipped with her tools I’m more comfortable knowing that no matter what the future holds it will be as glorious as today.”

— Scott Daws

“I’ve endured challenges from sports-related head injuries and from time to time have found myself struggling with PAIN, FEAR and FRUSTRATION. Erica has been able to provide me with practical insight on tackling these challenges step by step and to take accountability for how I wake up and decide to live each day.
What makes Erica so special is her practical experience from her own struggles, her history as a practicing sports Chiropractor and her “infectious can-do” attitude. I’d recommend anyone who is struggling to find the right attitude to get in touch with Erica. Her strategies are easy to implement and yet, are life changing.”

— Grant Hodgkins

“Several months ago, as a single mom of two special needs boys, I was feeling very down and overwhelmed with my life when I reached out to my childhood friend Erica. I have always admired her positive outlook on life and the courage that she calls on within herself to tackle any challenge that comes her way. Erica and I immediately dove in, tackling difficult questions about childhood, discussing coping mechanisms, and how to effectively process feelings both past and present. She helped me to identify the major stumbling blocks in my life, and guided me through the steps necessary to have a more positive, proactive outlook. Erica helped me to build a toolbox of numerous invaluable strategies and approaches to remain calm in the face of adversity, finding more positive and constructive ways to get the most out of life. This has allowed me to understand myself better in the process, getting down to the root of problems and finding effective and longstanding solutions. I now have the confidence that I can effectively navigate through the adversities in my life, allowing me to feel better prepared for and finding more enjoyment in all the precious life moments. Erica is an amazingly insightful life coach and I cannot thank her enough for the gifts that she has given me.”

— Andrea

The gift in the Rise Today Inspirational Podcastand in all of the speakers is that it bridges us together in our adversity. It leaves us feeling more empowered simply in knowing that we can and will get through this because “we” are not at all alone

— Cathy Turk

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for helping me get my story/journey out there. My goal in telling my journey was to start a conversation and WOW! What a conversation we have started! Since the podcast aired I have had so many people reach out. Some wanting to offer their prayers, some telling me about their own journeys, some had follow up question about stomas and rectal cancer but most just wanted to thank me for being brave enough to share my story/journey. They wanted to let me know that they now feel empowered to share their own stories. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen so THANK YOU so very much for what you do. Please continue bringing the hard topics to light and I will continue to watch so that I may continue to grow and learn.”

— Heidi Pero


“Erica has such a big heart and an incredibly infectious positive attitude.”

— Gail Watson, Women’s Speakers Association


“Erica’s story is one of awesome strength. I will never tire of hearing the message of faith, hope, love, and gratitude. She shines her light on all she meets!”

— Kelly Jenner, North Vancouver


“Erica Harris has a tremendous and inspiring story story that cuts to the heart of our humanity. Her moving story of overcoming significant and personal adversity in the setting of overwhelming odds had great impact upon the audience of healthcare professionals at the annual Canadian Critical Care Conference. She presents herself in a personable, humble, yet straightforward manner. She teaches us all that in the end, it’s not the adversity that defines us but rather we are defined by how we choose to meet the challenges that come our way. I have been privileged to see Erica present her story.”

— Dr. Vinay Dhingra, Critical Care and Internal Medicine Physician

“Erica Harris is a most remarkable and inspiring speaker. We felt very lucky to have her speak for us at Canadian Blood Services. She has done so on repeated occasions and further, she has served as our keynote speaker at our national event held at the Canadian Museum of History. Her powerful story is delivered with great passion to inspire others and to make a difference. I am very honoured to work with and to meet such an outstanding woman and mother.”

— Arleen Asi
Canadian Blood Services

“Dr. Erica is a Health Warrior. She inspires me to live my best life every day, no matter how high the mountain I have to climb!

— Jenna Auber, Survivor, RN Rhode Island, USA

“Erica Harris is an inspired and heartfelt speaker, who provides gritty and heart provoking thought on what a gift life truly is. Her message of hope, courage, and love is the simple foundational formula for all success!”

— Izumi Miki McGruer 

Managing  Director , Freedom 55 Financial


“Erica is my positive spirit and my enduring nature. Her relentless strength has had a remarkable inspiration on my life.”

— Dr. Nicole Gemel
Mom, Chiropractor, Athlete Calgary, Alberta Canad


“When I first met Erica, I felt that there was something special about her. I was right… Erica is such a blessing to this world. She is an absolute inspiration and her story is one of awesome strength and courage.”

— Denise Santana
Sault Ste Marie Ontario


“Erica is truly an ambassador of life- not just for herself but for her family and for everyone who meets her!”

— Cindy Apostle, Marketing Specialist, Seattle USA


“Dr. Erica has this incredible determination and this never ending vibration of hope. My “E” tattoo is a reminder of her strength that I carry with me as a reminder to be grateful for each day and to live each day to the fullest!”

— Kara Dickson
RN, Vernon British Columbia Canada

“Life requires us to stay the course, but Erica shows us how to do it best. Her tenacity, heart and strong character are immeasurable.”

— Janine Grace
Cyclist, BC Canada

“Wow! Erica’s courage and positivity is so inspiring. Erica is an amazing woman whose story and positivity inspire others to greatness!”

— Becky Luk
Canadian Blood Services, Vancouver BC Canada

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